About Us

JustCharity tracks online peer to peer giving events globally and alongside social media data provides reporting, analytics and social engagement tools.

Where we started

JustCharity.org was built out of a need for open APIs for accessing peer-to-peering fundraising data across a variety of platforms. These APIs, primarily used by event providers were initially built for sourcing data for display on event websites, charity websites and fundraiser's own personal sites for content enrichment.

Early 2010 the cross platform APIs were merged to provide version 1 of JustCharity.org, providing analytics for events and charities in an open and accessible format.

Where we are now

JustCharity.org was rebuilt to provide a comprehensive reporting platform, integrating with multiple global peer to peer platforms as well as social networks.

Social media monitoring provides real-time trending overviews for events, pages and charities as well as providing reporting functionality for CRM integration. Social discovery and engagement tools allows for donor and fundraising engagement as well as donor aquisition.

Open Data Philosophy

Open, accessible data is the key foundation for JustCharity.org and we strive to make all aggregate data available via APIs over time. If you have any specific API or integration requirements, don't hesitate to contact us as we can take a look at the requirements. Other subscription services are also available.

Company Details

Just Insight Limited, Company Number: 9366077 registered in England and Wales, trading as JustCharity.org.