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Iron Aid Foundation (UK, 1134493) Browse events

YTD Raised: £84,710.28

Our objective is to help local communities and people in need.

Hope For Hypothalamic Hamartomas UK (UK, 1164565) Browse events

YTD Raised: £84,670.69

Hope for HH-UK raises money to help patients and caregivers who deal with this epileptic brain lesion and its often catastrophic symptoms. We are an entirely volunteer-run charity and so every penny raised goes directly to funding essential research or helping families. We have worked closely with Great Ormond Street Hospital to help bring stereotactic laser ablation to the UK and work with professors of medicine as well as other small charities to raise awareness of this and other rare epilepsies.

beat (UK, 801343) Browse events

YTD Raised: £83,572.40

Beat is the leading UK charity for people with eating disorders and their families. Beat provides helplines for adults and young people, online support and a UK-wide network of self-help groups to help people beat their eating disorder.

International Rescue Committee UK (UK, 1065972) Browse events

YTD Raised: £83,238.84

The IRC works in more than 40 countries. With programmes in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and the Caribbean, we work in refugee camps, disaster areas and countries that host refugees. We also work with communities recovering from war or experiencing prolonged crisis or conflict.

Grace Belgravia Foundation (UK, 1154755) Browse events

YTD Raised: £81,509.52

The Gynaecological Cancer Fund is raising money to fund research at The Royal Marsden and to raise awareness of gynaecological cancers. The research aims to develop more personalised treatments for women with these cancers. For more details please visit our website

Leuka (UK, 1154856) Browse events

YTD Raised: £81,406.22

Your support today will help: RESEARCH THE CAUSES, PIONEER NEW TREATMENTS AND SAVE LIVES. We facilitate life-saving work into the causes and treatment of leukaemia and other blood cancers.

AMMF (UK, 1091915) Browse events

YTD Raised: £80,508.37

AMMF is the UK's only cholangiocarcinoma charity. Our main aims are to raise the awareness of cholangiocarcinoma (bile duct cancer), to provide information, and to support specialised research teams in their work to find the causes, methods of earlier diagnosis and treatments for this disease.

Crohn's and Colitis UK (UK, 1117148) Browse events

YTD Raised: £80,409.32

Crohn’s and Colitis UK are bowel conditions which can devastate lives and have no known cure. 260,000 people in the UK are affected, many of them young. Help us to search for a cure while improving lives in the meantime through our wide range of support services and research into better treatments.

Cycle to Cannes (UK, 1122230) Browse events

YTD Raised: £80,370.00

Cycle to Cannes is a grant making charity. We currently raise funds for The Duke of Edinburgh's Award, The Sarah Matheson Trust, Article 25, Tom's Trust and Land Aid. Selected one-off grants to charities supported by our fundraisers are also made.

Alzheimer Scotland (UK, SC022315) Browse events

YTD Raised: £80,026.20

Alzheimer Scotland offers care, information and support to people with dementia and carers in Scotland. Our services include our 24 hour Freephone Dementia Helpline (0808 808 3000), our Dementia Advisors, Dementia Nurses and medical research. We believe no one should go through dementia alone.

The Mental Health Foundation (UK, The Mental Health Foundation - N/A) Browse events

YTD Raised: £80,013.95

Lozells Central Mosque (UK, 1093465) Browse events

YTD Raised: £79,680.37

Phase 3 Expansion will be composed of: - A multi-storey carpark - Expansion of the main prayer hall - State of the arts, purpose built education center for girls. - Multi-purpose hall for lectures and youth facilities. We now require donations to kick start the Phase 3 Expansion which is projected to cost a further £4million.

Oxfam Trailwalker (UK, 202918) Browse events

YTD Raised: £78,687.31

Money raised during Trailwalker goes to Oxfam and the Gurkha Welfare Trust (GWT), to fund their work tackling poverty and suffering. Oxfam works all over the world; GWT works specifically in Gurkha communities in Nepal. GWT is a registered Charity (no 1103669) Oxfam is a registered charity in England and Wales (no 202918) and Scotland (SCO 039042).

Leeds Hospital Charitable Foundation (UK, 1170369) Browse events

YTD Raised: £77,332.94

The Leeds Hospital Charitable Foundation exists to support and enhance the services of Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. We seek to provide what the NHS is unable to, in order to benefit patients. As the largest NHS Trust in the country this covers 8 hospitals.

RMA - The Royal Marines Charity (UK, RMA - The Royal Marines Charity - N/A) Browse events

YTD Raised: £76,847.28

Evelina London Children's Hospital (UK, 1160316EVE) Browse events

YTD Raised: £76,346.80

Evelina London Children's Hospital, part of Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS foundation trust, is the UK’s leading hospital for paediatric heart services as well as a specialist in kidney transplants and dialysis, cleft lip surgery, metabolic conditions, allergy and neurology. We raise money so we can fund life-saving equipment, life-changing research and provide the little comforts that make hospital less scary for our youngest and most anxious patients.

Action Medical Research (UK, 208701) Browse events

YTD Raised: £76,181.34

Action Research can genuinely claim to have touched the life of every single person in the UK. Through vital research into the polio and rubella vaccines, hip replacement and ultrasound, the charity has been at the forefront of many important medical advances.

Talent RISE (UK) (UK, 1183457) Browse events

YTD Raised: £76,092.49

Talent RISE helps young people with employment barriers to access and sustain employment and work experience opportunities, where-ever possible in the digital-tech sector. To date globally we've engaged more than 2,500 young people and placed over 200 into meaningful employment and work experience.

Hand In Hand For Syria (UK, 1145862) Browse events

YTD Raised: £75,424.78

We have been at the forefront of humanitarian aid in Syria since the conflict began. Unlike most aid agencies, we work inside Syria, so your gifts will go straight to the people in most desperate need. And since we cover our costs in other ways, every single penny of your donation will go to Syria.

Young Minds Trust (UK, 1016968) Browse events

YTD Raised: £75,253.17

YoungMinds is the UK’s leading campaigning charity committed to improving the emotional wellbeing and mental health of children and young people. We provide a range of services to improve mental health including our Parents Helpline which provides a lifeline to thousands of parents every year.

Cystic Fibrosis Trust (UK, 1079049) Browse events

YTD Raised: £74,641.73

Cystic fibrosis (CF) is a life-shortening inherited disease, affecting almost 10,000 people in the UK, clogging vital organs with thick sticky mucus. There is presently no cure. We are the UK’s only national charity working for families with CF and to find a cure.

Mental Health Foundation (UK, 801130) Browse events

YTD Raised: £74,511.78

The Mental Health Foundation is the UK's leading mental health research and development charity. Since 1949 we have been working tirelessly to improve the lives of people affected by mental health problems.

Streetwork (UK, SC017802) Browse events

YTD Raised: £73,993.00

Streetwork is about enabling a life off the streets. We focus on where people are most in need and at risk - on the streets. We don't wait for people to find us; we find them, with outreach teams spending at least 84hrs each week on the streets of Edinburgh helping the most vulnerable people.

Young Lives vs Cancer (UK, Young Lives vs Cancer - N/A) Browse events

YTD Raised: £73,137.21

Neuroblastoma UK (UK, Neuroblastoma UK - N/A) Browse events

YTD Raised: £72,956.46

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