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Quintessentially Foundation (UK, 1125055) Browse events

YTD Raised: £231,455.90

Quintessentially Foundation supports charitable activity worldwide that improves the health, education and welfare of disadvantaged communities.In 2011 we are supporting four charities; The House of St. Barnabas,The Place2Be,Room to Read and SOS Children's

Berkshire Community Foundation (UK, 1155173) Browse events

YTD Raised: £159,071.89

A Life Less LonelyThe number of children and adults living in Berkshire struggling with loneliness and isolation is rising. Those who are particularly vulnerable to isolation are already coping with tough situations like young carers, the homeless, families with sick children and elderly people living alone. Our new campaign 'A Life Less Lonely' hopes to raise £75,000 so that crucial services and support is more readily available across the county. Berkshire Community Foundation has been at the forefront of local charitable giving for the last 30 years. We raise funds for, and make grants to, local charities and community groups addressing identified needs across Berkshire. We strengthen communities, tackle disadvantage and transform lives by addressing local problems, using local funds and local expertise.Last year we gave over £900,000 to a wide range of local projects, addressing issues such as child poverty and homelessness. Charity No: 1155173 Find out more Website Facebook Twitter

Shelter (UK, 263710) Browse events

YTD Raised: £127,831.95

Shelter works to alleviate the distress caused by homelessness and bad housing. We help people find and keep a home. We campaign for decent housing for all. Our work won’t stop until there’s a home for everyone.

Streetwork (UK, SC017802) Browse events

YTD Raised: £73,993.00

Streetwork is about enabling a life off the streets. We focus on where people are most in need and at risk - on the streets. We don't wait for people to find us; we find them, with outreach teams spending at least 84hrs each week on the streets of Edinburgh helping the most vulnerable people.

Sense - National Deafblind and Rubella Association (UK, 289868) Browse events

YTD Raised: £67,529.85

Sense is the UK's largest organisation offering support to deafblind people and their families. Established in 1955 as a parent's support group, Sense now offers a range of services - including, advice, housing, education and practical help to children and adults who are both deaf and blind.

Centrepoint (UK, 292411) Browse events

YTD Raised: £52,591.59

Centrepoint is the UK’s leading charity for homeless young people. It provides housing and support for more than 1000 young people, aged 16-25, every year, helping them into work and a home of their own.

Alabare Christian Care Centres (UK, 1006504) Browse events

YTD Raised: £40,595.43

Alabaré provides a range of homes and services including supported accommodation, drop-in centres, activities, advice and training services. We support homeless people, Armed Forces Veterans, young people, and adults with a learning disability - helping them to achieve independent fulfilling lives.

The Tang Ting Twinning Association Foundation (UK, 1130073) Browse events

YTD Raised: £28,215.61

We help the Nepalese Gurkha village of Tang Ting. We have built a Day Care Centre for the children, refurbished the electricity system and are raising money for an eco friendly tourist hostel to provide employment in the village

Age UK (UK, 1128267) Browse events

YTD Raised: £23,083.64

The over-60s is the fastest-growing group in society and there are more of us than ever before. Ageing is not an illness, but it can be challenging. At Age UK we provide services and support at a national and local level to inspire, enable and support older people.

Hyde Charitable Trust (UK, 289888) Browse events

YTD Raised: £21,436.78

HCT is dedicated to combatting poverty and disadvantage. Through practical advice, training and grants, our life-changing activities help vulnerable residents, families and communities fulfil their potential. We help people get in to work, online, out of debt and financially stable. Our award-winning grants programme for young people ensures all our young residents can build confidence and learn new skills. Our community grants programme helps residents design and deliver the activities they know will make their communities better places to live. Our residents say it best: "I am useless....I don’t have any hope of getting a job....and then we are told...I’ve changed personally...I was sad...but now I’m happy" “You’re really part of the world online...I don’t what I’d do without it...I rely on it so much now...” "My son was in year 2 of Primary School and could not read appropriate age books. A grant paid for a tutor who taught him to read. I would not have been able to afford a tutor. He now reads nearly all the time; even whilst walking." The majority of the people we support live in Hyde Housing Association Ltd homes across London and the South East.

Tikva UK (UK, 1151993) Browse events

YTD Raised: £19,036.50

Tikva's mission is to care for the homeless, abandoned and abused Jewish children of Odessa, Ukraine. We provide them with a loving home, essential social services, an education in the environs of a revitalized Jewish community, and an opportunity for a brighter future through immigration to Israel.

Martin House Hospice for Children and Young People (UK, 517919) Browse events

YTD Raised: £18,890.87

Martin House provides care and support, free of charge, to families in which there is a child or children with a short life expectancy, throughout Yorkshire. Our aim is to provide a home from home with a lively friendly atmosphere where children and their families can enjoy the best quality of life.

SSAFA (UK, 210760) Browse events

YTD Raised: £17,304.89

SSAFA provides lifelong support for our Forces and their families. Every year we give life-changing support to more than 50,000 people. Thanks to our supporters, we are able to extend a helping hand to our servicemen and women and their families, doing whatever it takes to meet their needs.

St Mungo's Broadway (UK, 1149085) Browse events

YTD Raised: £16,228.76

St Mungo’s Broadway provides a bed and support to more than 2,500 people a night who are either homeless or at risk, helping about 25,000 people a year. We believe no one should be homeless and that people can – and do – recover from the issues that create homelessness.

Kairos Community Trust (UK, 1117763) Browse events

YTD Raised: £16,136.87

At Kairos Community Trust, we help homeless men and women with drug and alcohol problems – we do this through our detox and rehab programmes and our 28 supported sober-living houses, almost all of which are in south London.

The Connection at St Martin-in-the-Fields (UK, 1078201) Browse events

YTD Raised: £15,760.40

We are the Uk's busiest homelessness centre, running Outreach 7-days/week and providing unique free accommodation in our Night Centre. Our open-door policy assists rough sleepers with practical services such as canteen, laundry, showers and GP. We also provide Housing Advice and Employment Training.

HAB (UK, 1155559) Browse events

YTD Raised: £15,633.46

Homeless Action in Barnet (HAB) runs a day centre for homeless people in the London Borough of Barnet HABs aim is to help a variety of clients whose circumstances might include any of the following: To all its clients HAB offers a place to rest as well as meals, showers, laundry, clean clothes, resettlement support, medical, social and psychiatric services, drug and alcohol support, counselling, group work, holiday and other activities.

Bethany Christian Trust (UK, SC006783) Browse events

YTD Raised: £15,435.18

Bethany Christian Trust works with and meets the long-term needs of homeless and vulnerable people across Scotland. We work with individuals, families and communities to transform lives and give hope and a future.

Grimsby Cleethorpes and Humber Region YMCA (UK, 1058613) Browse events

YTD Raised: £15,114.89

Grimsby Cleethorpes and Humber Region YMCA’s mission is to provide, improve and manage houses and hostels for the purpose of providing residential accommodation for men and women of all ages and upon terms appropriate to their means. To provide or assist in the provision in the interests of social welfare of facilities for recreation and other leisure time occupation for men and women with the object of improving their conditions of life. To further the core values of the Christian faith in meeting needs of others and celebrating the dignity of those who benefit from the work of the Company. To express the Christian Faith through service in the community and to provide benefit to people of all faiths and of none.

Home Start Kettering Area (UK, 1114030) Browse events

YTD Raised: £15,056.10

Thank you for visiting the Home Start Kettering Area profile page on MyDonate.

Home-Start Winchester and Districts (UK, 1108170) Browse events

YTD Raised: £14,539.66

SHP (UK, 287779) Browse events

YTD Raised: £13,915.48

SHP provides accommodation and support to over 6,000 of London's most vulnerable people each year. Our mission is to reduce poverty, social exclusion and homelessness, and to make a lasting improvement to our clients' quality of life.

Operation Restoration, Bolivia (UK, 1123937) Browse events

YTD Raised: £13,529.29

Operation Restoration is a ministry of Youth With A Mission, Bolivia working with children and teenagers living in the streets of Santa Cruz, Bolivia, through street work, mobile medical unit, reception home, restoration homes and reintegration homes to give them a future.

Depaul International (UK, 1107385) Browse events

YTD Raised: £13,521.37

Depaul International supports homeless people around the world, with services ranging from outreach projects in Ukraine to accommodation for young people in the UK. The charity supports homeless and vulnerable people to fulfill their potential and move towards an independent and positive future.

Sir Oswald Stoll Foundation (UK, 207939) Browse events

YTD Raised: £13,064.92

Stoll (formerly The Sir Oswald Stoll Foundation) is a London-based charity enabling vulnerable and disabled ex-Servicemen and women, including those who have been homeless, to live as independently as possible by providing appropriate housing. Our support programme includes Veterans Outreach service

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